Bathroom & Wet Rooms



Rightly designed bathrooms and wet room installation, whether toilets, sinks, baths, showers, or wet rooms, facilitate customers as to the best usage of their investment in the property. Rightly done bathrooms and wet room enhance customer experience and enhance value of the property tremendously.

Wet Rooms if done right can make a room feel bigger by allowing the shower area to feel part of the complete room and a great way of providing level access showering. Both attractively and spaciously created bathrooms and wet rooms can make the entire home a wonderful feature

We provide designing facilities for a bathroom or a wet room with quality craftsmanship and a high-end range of products to suit all types of budgets. Our team has several years of bathroom installation experience. We ensure that the task that we have undertaken is completed to the very best standards and satisfaction for all of clients.

Our Team is available at 0113 248 8181 to discuss your needs for additions to/ renovations to bathrooms or wet rooms to your property